Friday, December 5, 2008

Got a few things done today - started off by driving up to Cypress Mt - little to no snow at the ski base and hiked the Yew Lake trail and Old Growth trails - the picture above is of the new Ski Lodge which is set to open any day now. This will consolidate all services into one area and skiers will be able to ski right to the doors of the Lodge unlike now where you need to take your skis off to get to the services. The snow in the background of the images is man made - if you look closely you should see a small cloud - that is the snow blowers hard at work.

There was no one else on the trails but I suspect some people went up the Baden Powell trail towards Cabin Lake as I saw people heading in that direction.

Got home and checked the mail - got a 50% rebate for the dental work done in the States so that will give me a few more $$$ to spend.

Well almost supper time and then I guess I might just watch the Canucks - hopefully they can stop the slide tonight.

More later


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