Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Thursday and cloudy here in Vancouver and I am off two minds as to what to do today - one mind says get on the bike and go for a ride - the other mind says held to Metro town for some shopping and the third option is to do nothing.

While I am trying to decide what to do perhaps I should phone Telus and find out why my bill is up a couple of $$ this month - the contract doesn't end for another month so their shouldn't be an increase - and it looks like they have some specials on right now that might actually save me some money next year.

Last night I attend the volunteer wind party for Arthur Griffiths campaign team - free booze and light snacks and a fairly good turnout - and yes the federal government mess was discussed - no one really likes Harper and most would like to see him gone but not all thought the coalition was a do idea and several didn't want Dion leading the charge as they were working for Iggy. Event wound up around 8PM just after Arthur announced that he won't be running in the gneral election in May and that the Liberals will need to find a new candidate - he will be supporting the new candidate both politically and financially.

More later


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