Thursday, December 4, 2008

Well I decided to get out on the bike after all and it was a pleasant but cool ride - headed east along False creek to near Science World and then took the Adanac bike route through Chinatown and Strathcona before turning left and heading for Alexander and Water Sts in Gastown - then along the Coal Harbour seawall to the Park Entrance and through to Second Beach - it was here that I met up with the 2 Chucks - Wright and Lew - long time Y members out for their walk - according to them it looks like there will not be a Santa Claus run/dinner this year as most of the organizers are either in Mexico or Palm Springs - From Second Beach into English Bay and a bite to eat and a newspaper read at the Davie St Golden Arches and then home.

Later I needed a little walk as I am starting to print out some contact sheets of the images from the trip and ran out of matte paper - for some reason my glossy paper is jamming my printer so that is something for me to work on later.

Hard to believe but 3 weeks from today is Xmas - have you done your Xmas shopping.

Looks like the Canucks are going to make it 4 straight losses as they are down 6 - 4 to Detroit late in the 3rd period.

Tomorrow if the weather is dry I might head up Cypress - want to check out the new Lodge and its related facilities and provided there isn't much snow on the ground perhaps a short walk along the Yew Lake trail.



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