Monday, December 8, 2008

Yesterday it was the annual Santa Claus parade here in downtown Vancouver and a large crowd estimated at around 300,000 was on hand for the event - my advantage point was near Howe and Nelson - we were about five deep here - lot's of young ones who would dart into the street every time they saw a sponsers mascot come along - one nice addition this year was some of the marching bands for the US - in previous years when the parade was held a couple of weeks earlier at the same time as the US Thanksgiving weekend it was near impossible for them to make an appearance.

The image is of one of the floats in this year's parade.

Also found time to head out to Metrotown for a little bit more Xmas shopping and to stop in at the gift wrapping which once again is being done by the YMCA Community Services department -I offered to help out but my wrapping skills are a little wanting so we agreed that it would probably be best for everyone that I not attempt to help out.

More later


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