Thursday, October 11, 2007

I got some hoped for news today.

Looks like I will be having a good home cooked meal in Boston.

As I may have mentioned before Boston is the birthplace of my mother and where my grandparents were married - 100 years ago this week - so I have some relatives there - including two who are Catholic nuns - while the health of one of them is isn't good the other one is still very active and has invited me over for dinner and a chat - guess I will have to remember all my nice manners and to remember to say grace before I dig into the meal and to cross myself properly.

They have provided me with directions to the mother house - which is in Brighton - just how much time should I allow to get from downtown Boston out to Brighton by bus. It will be on a Friday evening - need to be there by 4PM.

Now I am starting to get excited - when my Mom and my godmother visited there a number of years ago they were treated royally my the nuns - that was a memorable trip as a hurricane came up the Atlantic coast through Boston and caused an excitable 75 year to go crazy with worry as plane travel etc was obviously disrupted. While born in Boston my Mom left before she was one and settled here in Vancouver - that was her only trip she ever made back to her birthplace in her nearly 93 years of life.

Time to start thinking about supper and then watching the Rockies - D'backs go at it - no doubt which team I want to win - Rockies starter Jeff Francis is from the Metro Vancouver area and is gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated current issue.



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