Saturday, May 10, 2014

Walking tour of Victoria May 10, 2014

 After a good night sleep and a leisurely breakfast I went ashore under cloudy skies - the sun played hide and seek most of the day which is why I am feeling cold as I type this report - the jacket would be on and then off etc, etc, etc.

I had a basic plan for today - walk along Dallas road and the seashore to Beacon Hill Park and then into town and back along the seaside walk to the ship.

The views were great and the Olympic mountains were visible and quiet clear at the start of the walk.

Well that is what I did but with one major detour - I decided that since the weather was okay to make a side trip up to the Craiggorogh Castle - it's just up the road - ya right - it was a longer walk that I anticipated but I made it there before 11AM.

Then headed down Rockland Ave and make it to the waterfront before noon.

Then it was onto Barb's and an order of fish and chips before the last fifteen walk back to the ship - just as I approached the entrance to the port it decided to start a light shower.

I ended up walking more than 10 kilometers or 6 + miles.
My feet are tired and my body is aching but tomorrow is a sea day so that will give me a chance to recharge the batteries.

So far I have eaten my meals in the buffet - I am on deck 11 so it is only 2 decks up to the buffet vs down 5 to the main dining rooms.

Haven't taken in any on board activities yet but might find something of interest tomorrow.

I have two novels with me to read to keep my busy.

Still haven't solved how to get my photos to upload to my tablet. Might be missing an upload app - gonna ask the photo and computer techies on board if they have any suggestions - at least I brought all my media cards with me or if worse comes to worse will just full them up and sort when I get home.


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