Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eve before the cruise May 8, 2014

Well all the clothes are packed and the toys are getting there final charge before the cruise tomorrow.

My big suitcase is just too big for such a short cruise and my larger overnight bag has seen its better days so while out for a walk I went into a discount store on Seymour street and spotted this one - it was only $34.95 so I brought it and it seems to work out just right.

I have attached my luggage tag - you now print them out yourself - then fold and staple to your luggage handle.

Here's my clothes for the two cruises - a real assortment of items - rain gear - summer gear and a hoodie if it is cold at the ball park.

Tomorrow I will pack my toys in my day pack - camera, tablets, extra batteries and media cards and will leave the condo about 11:30 AM.

If it stops raining I will walk down to Canada Place - if it is still raining I will grab a taxi for the short ride to the ship.

While these two cruises are nothing spectacular they will give me a welcome respite from the daily grind here in Vancouver.

With my platinum status on Princess I should have some free Internet minutes on both legs of the cruise so should be able to post to this blog each day.

I had hoped to be able to upload some photos to my tablet from my camera but the 4 - in 1 gadget I brought today to help with that and designed for a Samsung Galaxie Tablet doesn't appear to fit my tablet - my model doesn't have a smaller mini-usb port but a much larger one.

If the weather is dry I may stop in at Staples which I purchased it and see if there is a solution to that problem.

Otherwise it will be mostly text reports until I get back.


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