Friday, May 9, 2014

Well I am on board the Star Princess and we are sailing out in the Salish sea and will dock in Victoria at 0700 hrs tomorrow.

it was an eventful day - spent the morning looking for a  proper device to upload my photos to the tablet as the one i had brought didn't work on my device.
After several attempts I finally got one at the Samsung store at Metrotown - now to figure out how it works for upload.

Then it was home for a quick change and off to Canada Place - as the weather was dry i walked down - took about 20 minutes - in line before noon and having lunch on board by 1 PM - that is pretty good timing given that 2500 people all want to get on board at the same time. Some were griping - you are on holiday folks relax.

After lunch toured the ship and took lots of photos - then the manditory muster drill and shortly after 4:30PM we lifted anchor and shortly after sailed under the Lions Gate Bridge waving to some of the people who stopped to watch this big ship sail under the bridge and out in the Salish sea.

Then supper in the buffet - not busy - longer lines for the sit down eateries.

Real mix of ages and ethnics types on board.

Internet is slow but have 125 free minutes to use for the three days.
Unless I can figure out how to use the internet on tablet won't be posting any photos.

More tomorrow from Victoria.


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