Thursday, February 11, 2010

Olympic torch relay #1 Feb 11, 2010

Well after 105 days and 45,000 kms or about 27,000 miles the Olympic torch relay reached the downtown core this evening.

It was awesome watching the Torch relay tonight as it came over the Burrard Bridge to a huge awaiting crowd - the crowd was so thick that the other torch bearers had to get out of the escort vehicle and get escorted through the wildly cheering crowd to there transfer point - when the torch finally arrived at few minutes later and right on time the assembly masses followed it down to the the Live event site at David Lam Park in Yaletown for the lighting of the cauldron - Michael Buble brought it into the venue - and you should have seen the crowd - I say at least 20, 000 perhaps more - I will let the police give the official estimates - it stretched for more than three blocks along Pacific and then there were another 6 - 10, 000 inside the venue. Everyone was happy - some were shedding tears as we all sang O Canada to welcome the torch and then it was fireworks - the water show and the lights - most people seemed to be realization that the dream that started almost seven years will officially get under way at 9PM PST tomorrow.

The torch bearers were more than happy to pose with the torch for anyone wanting to take some photos.

A few images for you and Yes I am proud to be a Canadian.

Any way I guess you could say I was/am stoked.

Enjoying a beer to celebrate the occasion.


Part 2 tomorrow perhaps.


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