Monday, February 8, 2010

Olympic mascots on ice Feb 8, 2010

Today as I was walking by the GE Plaza at Robson Square I came upon a little skating show staring the three Olympics mascots - Sumi, Quatchi and Miga - they joined some other skaters on about a 15 minute performance - it was designed to entertain the kids in attendance and visitors as well.

The image are from my Blackberry so the quality isn't the greatest.

Miga is the official mascot for the Paralympic Games so I will see lots of her during my volunteer stint.

Once again the downtown was busy and the new temporary home of the Irish - a tent was packed with parties and the band had the corner of Seymour and Nelson rocking.

Sumi started the show

Then joined by Quatchi

Quatchi playing goal - he made a spectacular glove save

Sumi and Quatchi wooing the crowd.

Miga takes to the ice.

Miga being Miga

Welcoming the crowd near the end of the performance.

Quatchi close at hand.

Sumi shakes hands with some of the kids that were in attendance

The three amigos at the end of the performance.



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