Thursday, February 11, 2010

Olympic Games opening ceremonies dress rehearsal thoughts Feb 10, 2010

Last night I attend the final dress rehearsal for the Games that start tomorrow night.

While I won't go into great details because we were all asked to be good Canadians and withhold making too much info public I will say it was an AWESOME DISPLAY OF CANADIANNA at its finest.

From start to finish - about three hours of oohs and awes as we saw parts of Canadian history, culture, sport etc paraded before us - all the performers who are scheduled to appear were on hand - only a few Olympic officials weren't there - they use stand ins for them and for the athletes parade of nations.

I was particularly pleased with the First Nations opening scenes - very good.

There will also be audience participation as well - there are scenes where candles will light up the stadium - there was also snow falling from the rafters - it was only paper but it looks real on TV.

It only took about fifteen minutes to get through security but most of those attending were volunteers and guests and we had been well prepped on what to expect and what not to bring.

It took longer to get out because there is really only one exit from the security zone and everyone was trying to get out as fast as possible.


Tonight the torch relay is in my neighbourhood - coming over the Burrard Bridge and into David Lam Park - will go down if it not raining too much otherwise I will try and catch it tomorrow on its way along Davie Street.



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