Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Olympic scene at Robson Square and Art Gallery Feb 10, 2010

Before I headed down to BC Place Stadium and the final dress rehearsal for the upcoming opening ceremonies I was walking around downtown and to the site of the old Art Gallery and Robson Square or GE Plaza as it is known currently and it was a bee hive of activity.

The Province of BC - as the host Province - is using this area as its pavilion or representative House as they are supposed to called during the Games.

There will also be free admission to the Art Gallery during the Games.

They have done a good job of transforming the area into a great public display for the Games - below are some images from the Blackberry with a brief note of explanation.

This one doesn't need a lot of explanation - it tells you how much time before the Games start.

Omega is a sponsor and have set up a display in the front of the Art Gallery

More of their display outlining some great moments in Olympic history.

Sign explaining the murals now hanging from the Art Gallery.

One of the murals.

This I believe will be a First Nations display - not opened to the Public yet.

One of the two towers for the Zip-lining across Robson Square.

The BC Pavilion is using the Art Gallery and have added an "extra floor"

You can get your photo taken on the a podium set up for visitors and locales alike.

This display is actually across the street at one of the entrance to the Pacific Center mall.

Then it was onto to the dress rehearsal of the Opening ceremonies.

Will post some info on that later.



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I can’t wait for the Winter Olympics! Ice hockey is my favorite Winter Olympic sport. However, it is also fun to watch the sports I don’t normally see, like bobsledding, luge, and curling. Go USA!