Sunday, October 18, 2009

A brief respite from the rains brings some nice colors to life Oct 17, 2009

The rains have returned to Vancouver big time - we are in a south westerly flow - which at this time of the year is a wet and warm weather pattern with much of the moisture originating near the Hawaiian Islands - the storms usually come in waves perhaps 18 - 24 hours apart bringing with them heavy rain and wind.

Saturday started out this way but there was a brief respite this afternoon when it cleared off so I grabbed my camera and was able to capture some fall scenes as I walked along the False Creek Seawall - didn't get as far along as I would have like as I met a former Y member and ended up having a fairly lengthy conversation with him and by then the clouds were starting to reform.

Just hope that it dries up as expected on Sunday as I have a bike volunteer assignment in the morning - it is a fun run with an Oktoberfest theme - IE - get some exercise and then get intosome good German food and drink. Won't do much of the latter as I have a Y Connections Volunteer Recognition function in the afternoon to attend as well.



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