Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tom's 60th birthday party Oct 23, 2009

Last night I attended the 60th birthday party for one of my closest friends and former work mates Tom - while he and his partner Barb were away on a Panama Canal cruise and Florida vacation I was left with the task of organizing the event.

Prior to leaving we had agreed on Boston Pizza for the event and I booked it at their New Westminster location as they have a private room that can seat up to 40. While we had to pay a mandatory 15% tip for this service it gave us a fair amount of privacy.

Trying to organize the event via emails and phone calls and then getting Tom to the event without him knowing proved to me quite a task. He sensed something was up on Friday afternoon when some other friends who he shares a meat draw at the local legion suggested going for dinner. He did guess that we had something planned but when he walked into the room and saw 22 other people there he was more than a little humble - some of the attendees he and myself included hadn't seen since the Y close at the end of the 2006.

There were some others who couldn't attend but did send along best wishes..

We had a great time - a few stories were told that left the group in stitches.

Below are some images of the evening events.

The birthday man himself - Tom

Barb with the cake.

Presenting the cake to Tom.

It clearly states 60.

Trying to blow out the candles.

Barb and our server Amanda.

Barb pinning the #60 on Tom's chest.



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