Saturday, October 24, 2009

East side ramble on bike Oct 24, 2009

The sun is shining today and after the party for Tom last night and a few beers I needed to clear the cobwebs so I took off on the the bike for a little ride out the east side of the City.

I took the Seaside route to Adanac - out Adanac to Sunrise - down Sunrise to the waterfront and the Port side route and then skirted the waterfront and into Crab Park at Portside for some final photos.

The colors as you can see from the photos are still there.

I then picked up the Cardero bike route and then up Harwood and home - in all about 22km on the bike.

Still can't get the photo upload to work on Internet Explorer and my Firefox is acting up so I am using Google's Chrome browser to upload these images. It seems to upload faster than IE but as some people might suggest anything should work better than anything made by Microsoft.

Busy afternoon for the sport junkie - coming up in a short time is the BC Lions vs Sask CFL football game - then the Canucks vs the Leafs in Hockey and also the Yankees and the Angels in baseball - then there is also College football and for the martial arts people a big UFC event on PPV.



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