Sunday, September 27, 2009

Grouse and the Grizzlies - Coola and Grinder Sept 24, 2009

With the prospect of the current spell of good weather coming to an end I was determined to get out and enjoy it while it lasts so over the past three days that is what I have done - first stop is Grouse Mountain and a visit to my favorite two grizzlies bears - Coola and Grinder.

I needed to renew my annual Grouse Pass so this was also an excuse to head up the mountain to breathe in the mountain air.

But the trip up had some anxious moments as the Skyride stalled about a minute from the second tower and we were there hanging in mid air - I didn't freaked - there were lots of people on the car and the attendant was good at explaining how the back up systems were meant to work and before long - less than five minutes we were underway and into the upper terminal.

Once up top I took the short eco trail pass Blue Grouse Lake and one of the Zip line towers to the Bear's den where the boys were in a very playful mood and entertained the crowd for some time.

They are about two months away from hibernation - right now they are being given extra food but by late November they will stop feeding them which will tell their body that it's time go to sleep for the winter.

On the trip down the Skyride stopped again but this one was planned and I have had it happen before - there are two towers and they use them to check on the cable etc - essentially two workers will climb onto the top of the Skyride and strap themselves in and then ride to one of the towers - where they will unstrap and go about there work - when they are finished the Skyride will stop and they will re strap to the tram and head down to the lower terminal with the rest of us - this is quite the undertaking and not for the faint of heart.

It was a great day on the mountain - next up - a bike ride to QE Park

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