Sunday, September 27, 2009

A bike ride to QE Park with a few stops along the way - Friday Sept 25, 2009

Friday see me on the bike for a right up the Cypress bike route to the Midtown or 37th Ave east west route and then into QE Park before heading down the Ontario route to False Creek and home on the Seaside route.

Because of the recent warm weather I have really noticed a lot of fall colors - they are not great in this region anyway but there is usually some color - but I did notice a few displays and have included them in this photo essay.

I also wanted to stop at my old high school Alma mater - Vancouver College -to see the new all weather field that is to be officially christened this weekend and since it is only a two block detour it was easy to pass by.

The field looks real good - as a private school - VC doesn't receive Capital funding from the government so this was all privately raised donations.

Finally reached QE Park - one of the highest points in the City and its spectacular views - there is a sunken garden and a conservatory there - the water fountain is new - they recently upgraded and expanded the reservoir that holds emergency water for the City and put in the shooting water display when they were finished with the project - a nice addition to the Park.

Before long it was time to get on the bike and go have lunch and then head home.
Next up - a bike trip to Lonsdale Quay.

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