Sunday, September 27, 2009

A bike trip across the Lions Gate to Lonsdale Quay Saturday Sept 26, 2009

I awoke Saturday morning with a hang over - visited a friend the night before and the beer went down very smoothly so I was more determined as ever to get on the bike and due one of my favorite little trips - a ride over the Lions Gate Bridge and into Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver.

The trip starts with me riding down Hornby Street to the waterfront where the HAL Zuiderdam was berthed - it is one of the last of the regular homeported ships to leave Vancouver this year.

Hard to believe that the cruise ship season is coming to an end - Monday friends will return from Alaska - they haven't had the greatest of weather according to text messages they have been sending.

Also a great view from the Bridge of Stanley Park and the downtown peninsula - was battling the sun a bit on this photo.
A Rocky Mountaineer engine parked an idling near the entrance to Lonsdale Quay.

A look at the Mosquito Creek Marina from the Spirit Trail in North Vancouver.

This is a luxury yacht that was berthed at the Quay - what is different is that there is a helicopter mounted on the ship.

Hope you have enjoyed these posts - with one more day of sun I am heading out for a little hike on Mount Seymour and will post that later today.

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