Tuesday, June 9, 2009

FOYP"S Director's meeting and the ferry trip home June 6, 2009

I slept fairly well and after breakfast started the process of taking the tent and putting the camping gear in the back of the truck - usually not a big deal but with the sore hands it took a while longer but I got it done - then toured Nanaimo before having lunch and heading to the meeting site in Cedar - the meeting went well - finished in around 90 minutes - I have an additional responsibility now as the Work Party Co-ordinator - we now have a fully equipped first aid kit - we have a secure storage place for it - I just have to make sure that the leaders on each work party know where it is kept and record any materials used - at the AGM in Dec I am to ensure that any needed supplies are replenished.

I stay for the dinner and drinks - straight fruit punch for me - I was going to take the 8:15 ferry from Duke Point but another couple were taking the 7:00 from Departure Bay so I took that one - it was a good evening to be on a ferry - the weather has cooled down - we are able to see three cruise ships off of the Sunshine Coast - the view is hazy - a combination of an inversion, hot weather and smoke from a large fire north of Vancouver.

Get home, unpack, do a little grocery shopping, take some more meds and ice my hands and then off to bed.

As I am typing this report on Tuesday I am back to about 90% use of my hands - still some stiffness if I move them to fast or put too much pressure on them. I had thought of going to the walk in clinic here as a follow up but since the pain and healing seems to be working I have pu tit off for the time being.

For the rest of the week I will be taking it easy before heading up to Kelowna for the weekend.



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