Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spent this morning walking around much of the tourist area of downtown New Orleans - two things that impressed me were the streetcars which run on three routes - Riverfront, Canal St and St Charles - I hope to ride them later this afternoon. The other thing was Jackson Square which is in the French Quarter and which is seen in the first image.

Later today I hope to get down and take the free ferry across the Mississippi to Algiers and then complete my tour with more time in the French Quarter - there is a parade there this evening and then it will be off to Bourbon St for a couple of beers and watch the entertainment - saw the cruise ship terminal this morning - it will be a 15 - 20 minute walk tomorrow - will only take a cab if it is raining - there is a chance of some T Storms this afternoon as the clouds are rolling in.

One thing that Vancouver could learn from NOLA is signage - on just about every corner there are either directional or info signs - the main city appears to be clean and well maintained - viewing stands are cropping up every where as the first of the big parade is less than a week away - the area outside the Parc St Charles already has then stands completed.

Also although it is in the warmer climate part of the US - you don't see a lot of people wearing shorts - whether that is tradition or they are waiting for the real warm weather to arrive I don't know.

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