Sunday, December 21, 2008

Found this cute seasonal image on another blog site so I am gonna borrow it for a few days - hope Santa won't mind.

Well it did snow overnight and there is around 5cm on my balcony and some light flakes are still coming down but so far it hasn't been all that bad.

Today is the day that the turkey goes in the oven and a few friends are suppose to come over for a full Xmas dinner - I know that Mary Rosie - my godmother and cousin - won't make it - the streets are very slippery by her place and at 80 she is worried about falling - hopefully the others will be able to make it - just as I started to type this post the snow has intensified and I do need to run out to the store for a couple of last minute items.

The way this weather is going I can't wait for the trip to NOLA and the 7 day western Caribbean cruise.

More later



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