Friday, December 26, 2008

Well I had hoped to be able to report that the snow had stopped and turned to rain but such is not the case as it is still snowing hard as I type this post.

I did get out to the local stores this morning - lots of Boxing Day shoppers and the electronics store were packed. One item that the price has dropped to my expectations are a couple of LCDHD TV's - there is both a 32" Sony and a 32" Samsung on sale for just under $500.00 and I can get the deluxe HD box for under $400.00 I had hoped to pick one up this afternoon but with the heavy wet stuff still falling I'm not going to get the truck on the road - yes I could take a taxi back with the purchase but the sale prices are in effect until the end of next week so one more day isn't going to make a big difference. Then there is the matter of getting a hold of my cable provider to get the box switched to their service and the HD channels added.

The learning curve is also in effect for my new Blackberry - have the phone #'s plugged in - now starting to add some of my favorite web sites to make browsing easier.

More later



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