Monday, December 22, 2008

I don't think anyone is going to be using our sun deck recliners anytime soon!

Looking down onto our inner courtyard from the 9th floor roof.

Southwest view towards Burrard Bridge and Kits Point.

Looking south down Hornby St towards Bridges restaurant - it's the yellow building - on Granville Island.

Well it finally stopped snowing about a half hour ago - there is somewhere between 10 and 15cm at least just on my balcony - here are some scenes from the roof top patio - I was up to my shins in places on the roof terrace just getting these images.

The turkey dinner went off without any major glitches and Jim brought along his new Korean room mate from Korea - it was his first time observing our Xmas tradition - while Korea is 70% Catholic which I was not aware of - he is Buddhist - only his second time having turkey - the first was at Thanksgiving with his then home stay parents.

A small gift exchange took place - I show them some of my video from the recent trip and we just chatted and enjoyed each other company for a few hours.

By 10PM I was once again alone in the apartment and after having an active day called it a day and turned in for some shut eye.

Today I hope to head to the gym for a brief workout and then possibility out to Metrotown with Jim for him to do some last minute shopping - right now the roads aren't great but hopefully they will improve now that it has stopped snowing and the sun is trying to shine.

Cleaned up the mess - dishes etc from last night - even with using paper plates this year I am still looking at 2 loads for the dish washer.

Craved up what is left of the turkey and have enough left over to several meals - we probably make a casserole later in the week.

Gord - if you are reading this - I still have room for your turkey on Xmas day.

More later



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