Friday, December 19, 2008

Well I did adventure out into the cold this morning and it indeed is cold - even with three layers and a toque and gloves I was cold - did stop to take a few pictures - two of which are displayed here.

Most of the sidewalks and even the sea wall have been cleared of at least some of the snow and ice so it wasn't too hard to get around.

Need to go out for supper and then to the liquor store for some beer for the group on Sunday and a couple of final items - like a roasting pan for the the bird and then it will be definitely in for the evening.

Even the apartment is cool - my windows are single paned so they don't hold the heat that well - at least the strata did spend some money earlier in the summer to fix the and clean the boiler so the heat is better than it was last year. I also get the mid day sun at this time of the year so that will warm up the apartment somewhat.

Did three loads of laundry - now just need to put it all away.



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