Friday, December 19, 2008

Each year around this time I try to make a trip up Grouse Mt to see the alpine Xmas display but with the current bad road conditions, freezing cold temps and more snow in the forecast I don't know if I will be getting up there this year so these three images are from three previous visits.

It looks like it will stay very cold through the weekend and it will be Xmas before we might see a thaw or a slight warming of the temps.

Attended a small mix and mingle with some of the other members of my Health Spa last night - a couple of glasses of beer and some appys.

Also spent a couple of hours on Wednesday with Tom and the grandchildren at Pacific Center Mall.

Gonna go for a short walk along the water and then a bite to eat and a few more items for the dinner party on Sunday. Rosie just phoned to cancel - her street is a sheet of ice and even the taxis don't want to drive on it and with her being 80 she is worried about falling - she even had trouble walking across the street to church so I can't blame her for not being able to attend.

Good to see that the Canucks have won the Sundin sweepstakes - he should be able to help the team out and advance further into the playoffs.

Finally got around to booking some excursions for my Feb 09 cruise - can't wait to get some warmer weather.

More later



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