Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It was quite the weekend over at Yellowpoint Lodge - the actual work party, social and meeting went off as planned but the big story was the weather - in the four images in this post you will see how things looked at different times on the weekend. The image at the bottom was taken shortly after I arrived on Friday afternoon - the drive in from the ferry was not a lot of fun - while there is no snow in this photo there was several inches of snow on the road just a few kilos from the lodge and many people were having trouble navigating - I made it okay with my all seasons and standard shiftshift.

Second closest image is taken at lunch time on Saturday and the third one in the evening after it started to snow - the top picture shows how much snow had fallen by Sunday noon - the main photo on the page is how it looked after it started to clear off late Sunday afternoon.

By then I had made a decision to stay for another night - several others in the group also decided against trying to drive even a short distance home.

Once the snow stopped and it cleared it turned very cold and the roads became compact snow and ice - I left the Lodge about 9AM on Monday for the 10:30AM ferry - this drive usually takes no more than 20 minutes but it took me 45 minutes of driving in second gear and two hands on the steering wheel to make it to the ferry - I didn't slip or slide - just kept the speed down to around 40KPH and gave myself lots of room for braking - fortunately the other drivers were also being extra careful and I didn't need to do any sudden stops - the ferry left on time and by 12:30PM I was in Horseshoe Bay and home an hour or so later.

We did a number of work projects on Saturday - I signed up for a wood splitting job - a large fir tree on the property was diseased and had been felled so we were left with the task of downsiding the large pieces into smaller ones that can then be used in the stoves in the cabins.
It was a good day's labour and we were rewarded with adult beverages for a few hours in the evening - after a delicious roast beef and all the trimmings dinner we were entertained by a pick up band - Richard the Lodge owner plays the guitar and he has a few friends in the community who are alos musicians so they get together and do a jam session - this year they called themselves "Sing - a - long Pete and the Sheaves of Wheat.

Sunday we held the AGM - I was returned as Work Party co-ordinator which was expected as you usually stand for three years unless you want to move on to another position.

Shortly after I turned in for the night and after breakfast on Monday left for home - this is one AGM weekend that many of us won't forget for some time

More in the next post - this one is getting long.


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