Saturday, March 6, 2010

Two days done but more to come March 6, 2010

Well I have now finished two days of the volunteer stint and so far so good - things are starting to get busier now that the athletes have started to arrive - I drove one of the team officials back to Whistler from the airport - he has never been to Vancouver so he certainly was snapping the pictures as we drove up the Sea to Sky until sunny and warm skies.

Our leaders are hands on guys - while we are helping out they are also doing some things themselves.

The delegation office is now up and running and since it is directly across from a wi-fi hotspot I am able to access it from the office while watching a dog show on TSN - TV seems to be limited to the CTV Olympic stations.

Tomorrow we will be formally introduced to the team and while I have met a number of them the remainder are in transit right now from YVR by bus.

Took a number of shots of the Athlete's Village this afternoon but in keeping with the terms of my volunteer contract I won't be publishing many of them here.

My accommodation is just inside the Village which makes it a little easier to move around - those outside have to go through security each time they enter.

The battery is running low - will recharge later - the food as you can see from the attached photo is okay - because I missed lunch I filled the plate tonight.

We have started to fill in the work schedule and I will definitely be able to take next Tuesday off for the birthday party.

More later



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