Thursday, March 4, 2010


After having coffee with a couple of friends I returned home around midnight to see the message light flashing on the home phone - it was from my supervisor with yet another change in my plans - remember our theme - expect the unexpected - and that is what it was - for some reason there aren't any vehicles available on Thursday to transport the delegation to Whistler - it will have to wait until tomorrow BUT they still need us to be at the Village at 11 AM all nicely decked out in our fill uniform - still plan on wearing the lighter blue pants since they said it was okay given the warmer weather and it is consider to be part of the move in process.

The message ended with the words you will be able to have one more sleep in your own bed.

Confirmed this morning that it's just a day at the Vancouver Village - have on the uniform for the first time and it feels good and also warm. Need to find out if we need the vest on at all times or just if we are cold. Almost reminds me of my working days where we had uniforms for our customer service role.

More later on this the next step in living my Paralympic dreams.



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