Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Expect the unexpected March 3, 2010

Throughout our training for the NPC Assistants job we were constantly reminded that things can and will change on short notice and tonight the first of those changes has occurred - I received an email asking if I would be available to drive some of the Slovak delegation up to Whistler tomorrow instead of me busing it up and waiting for them. Of course I said yes but there was one proviso - there might not be enough room of my luggage as well as the team's and I might have to bus it back to Vancouver and then come up on the bus on Friday - well after a couple of phone calls and some repacking - told that I probably only need one complete change as we will probably be living in our uniforms and with free laundry that should suffice I will now be able to take a smaller overnight bag and my Vanoc day pack.

Also was able to clarify the bus scene for days off - there is a work force bus that runs every two hours 24/7 between the two athletes villages so we are free to use it to get back to Vancouver on our days off - only one proviso and that is we have to give up our seat if an athlete needs it and wait for the next bus.

Also learned that the Chef DE missions are letting the delegations work out our shifts among ourselves as long as there are enough of us to meet their needs each day - I am going to try to get the early shift as it fits my long time body usage from years of early morning work shifts.

Also will try to get either March 10th off or work the later shift as I can attend the 70Th birthday party of a friend in Vancouver that night.



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