Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A victory party and Bare Naked Ladies concert Feb 16, 2010

Through my involvement which the YMCA's Connections program I was able to receive a ticket to the Victory and Medal celebration last night at BC Stadium - each night is a theme night - usually a Canadian province or corporate sponsor - last night it was Nova Scotia and in a short 30 minute time frame they provided a good mosaic of that provinces rich cultural diversity.

The nightly events are MC'ed by CTV BC weather Gal Tamara Taggart and E talks Ben Mulroney - yes he is the son of the former Prime Minister.

After the thirty minute warm the awards take place - they alternate between Vancouver and Whistler and while it was quite as wild as the night before it sure got noisy when Michael Robertson was presented with his Silver Medal from the Men's Snow Cross.

Then it was onto the feature entertainment of the evening - a concert by Canadian rock stalwarts the Bare Naked Ladies - while I have never seen then perform live I was certainly aware of there music - after all - who doesn't know some of the words to "If I had a Million dollars" Ed Robertson - lead singer really worked the crowd and even had a few zingers for us - such as - the real reason that Wayne G is in town is to work on a bid for Phoenix to host a winter Olympics since there seems to be snow in Arizona and not in Vancouver - or those up at Cypress aren't saying EH Canada but HAY Canada.

It was an abbreviated 50 minute performance - the images aren't all that great since my free seat was to the side of the stage - they did allow people down onto to the floor. I opted to stay in my seat and then after the concert headed for Granville street which is getting zanier by the night.

The concert stage

From the large screen Tamara and Ben work the crowd.

My seat mates and their large Canadian Flag.

A proud Canadian with his Silver Medal.

The three medal winners standing for the playing of the US anthem

The band has taken the stage.

Ed Robertson works the crowd

One final look at the stage.

Today it is a possible meet up with Tom and Victor and some time visiting the Russian, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan pavilions.



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