Thursday, February 18, 2010

A bit more about the Slovakian Paralympian team Feb 18, 2010

Thanks to a tip from the Slovakian welcome girl at their downtown representative House I am now able to translate their Paralympian site to English - they say life is an ongoing education and such was the case here - i wasn't aware that Google has a translator app - only knew of Microsoft and it doesn't do Slovak. Well I went to the Translator site and put in the URL of the Slovakian Paralympian Committee and have all of the info I need of the make up and previous performance of their athletes.

It appears and the list could change that their delegation will have 13 participants of which 7 are visually impaired - so those seven will have a guide - 11 are in Alpine Skiing and one each in Cross country and biathlon.

Most have participated in previous games and couple are medal winners but I don't believe that Slovakia has won a Gold in Para events yet.

In addition there delegation has another 6 - 10 team officials etc.

Based on a delegation size of between 20 - 40 - they should get 6 of us assistants - which probably means two will commute by bus from Vancouver to Whistler daily.

They will also have the use of three GM Acadians for there transportation needs - while a number of GM vehicles are being used for the Winter Games it appears that this is the only one for use in the Para Games as they are a cross over model and have been equipped for winter road driving up at Whistler.


The body and the mind are in conflict this morning - one wants to exercise the other says take it easy - I think I am convincing the mind to relent and join the wishes of the body.

I am going try and locate on a Slovak map all of the home towns of the athletes to see if any come from near the paternal home town of Liesek, Slovakia

Near the center middle is a town called Liesek - that is where the Grandparents come from.



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