Friday, January 15, 2010

Part Five - Final thougths etc Jan 15, 2010

Well with the training over it is a game of wait and see just which delegation I will be attached to and just when I will make the trek up to Whistler.

For the Paralympics Games because there are less countries and participants they can house all the NOC/NPC volunteers at the Whistler Olympic Village - they don't like using the term Athlete's Village because it house the Olympic Family which includes coaches, Chef de Mission as well.

Feb 22, 2010 is the day that I will get my accreditation and uniform if just the Paralympics Games - as soon as I have the pass I can start using public transit for free.

We will head up one day prior to the delegation arriving - we do get to help them with the opening ceremonies by escorting them from a staging location to BC Place.

For the regular Winter Games if I am at Whistler and that is the the most likely scenario I will be housed in a condo, staff housing - won't really know until I get up there - if this happens a lot will take place in the next couple of weeks - accreditation, uniform, radios etc.

I have been vague on some aspects of the training - all volunteers are required to sign a non-disclosure waiver. While we can blog like I am we are told to keep it plain until after the Games.

Similarly we aren't suppose to post any images from the the venues etc until after the Games.

I found the training to be very well-planned and informative and look forward to being able to carry our my Olympic Dream.

Answer to the Question in the last post.

The Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games which held one after the other are two completely different international organizations and have different logos and in some cases sponsors.

If you look closely at the backpack you will see the two logos on the same bag - what they have done is put and extra flap on the front of the pack that when unzipped and removed reveals the Paralympic logo.

A similar situation exists with the uniform where there are snaps for the other logo to be atttached etc.

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