Friday, January 15, 2010

Part 4 - the final training event - Touring the Vancouver Athlete's Village Thursday Jan 14, 2010

Thursday - it is pouring rain so my idea of biking over to the Olympic Village is down the drain so I drive and park about 2 blocks away - proceed to the entrance gate and are met by our supervisors who check us off the list - attendance is mandatory so we are tracked every step of the way - then it's into what during the Games will be the retail mall where the athletes and officials will be able to purchase necessary items etc.

After the Games it will be converted back to its built purpose - a community center for the citizens of Vancouver - if I can enjoy the views on a dark and deary night I can just try to imagine what the view will be to the athletes on a beautiful sunny day.

We have about an hour lecture on emergency procedures and safety concerns and its time to get wet with a tour of the Village - we are separated into smaller groups and are given the lowdown on what the various building will be.

We then come inside to the NOC - NPC building - this here and at Whistler is the hub for our class of volunteer - where we get our work pass stamp - pick up mail and any other matters for our delegations etc. We will have a chance to relax during down time - use the internet etc - it will be home for the Games regardless of which location we are at.

Those who are starting early also have picked up there cell phones and told to read up as apparently these Samsungs are state of the art.

This building will be converted into a London Drugs and Urban Fare after the Games.

Back outside - we see the big food tent and where we will get what ever meals we are entitled too.

Finally back inside for some final thoughts and we are then given our backpacks.

If you look at the attached pictures can you see the difference.

Hint: look closely at the logo.

Answer in a next post



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