Saturday, January 23, 2010

Continuing my Olympic Dream Friday Jan 23, 2010

While on the ferry over to Nanaimo yesterday I got an email on my Blackberry offering me a delegation and official posting for the Paralympics Games - they have slotted me with the Slovakian team which I was somewhat hoping for as that is the paternal homeland - don't speak the language but as this is a fairly large delegation they will have translators or the other assistants will have a knowledge. The official on-line contract will be sent in a day or two but I have already answered yes to accepting the position and letting my fellow assistants have my name and email - as I want to visit the homeland in a couple of years this will be a great opportunity to learn more about my country great heritage.

Now the next part of the process starts - during our training it was suggested that once we knew which delegation we would be assisting that we start surfing the internet and our delegation's web sites to learn about the cultures, history, tradition etc of that nation - I can probably get just as much info from a couple of cousins both of whom speak the language as well. So at least I can plan the month of March.
With this posting it is looking less likely that I will get a regular Games assignment - however during training a few of us did indicated that we are only a cell phone call away from being available.

Speaking of cell phones - time to relisten to the training video on the Samsung Omina phone which we will be using during the Games.

The other item I need to try to on bone up on is the instrument panel on the car that I will be driving as it has a lot of bells and whistles that my simple little 4 banger truck doesn't have.

Oh well I probably have a month to learn some of that.

More later.



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