Friday, November 20, 2009

Skagway vintage cars Sept 2, 2009

On my recent cruise to Alaska we had a 12 hour stop over in Skagway Alaska which gave me plenty of time to see the town.

I have been to Skagway a number of times before so it wasn't a new port for me.

We also had beautiful sunny skies so after taking two short hikes I decided to walk the town and take in the historical sights.

During my walk I came across a number of vintage cars in mint condition - doubt that they stay there during the winter months.

So have taking this first image of the Mountains, White Pass and a mercantile trading store I walked the town.

This is the story of that walk from a vintage transportation perspective.

Tonight the Canucks are back in action and the big one wants to watch it on the big screen at the Two Parrots restaurant.

We will see about that.



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