Thursday, November 19, 2009

Early signs of Christmas November 19, 2009

With Christmas a little over five weeks away the City is starting to show signs of the festive season. Despite the rain today I did go for a walk to have lunch and a gym visit and on the way home along Burrard noticed this window display in one of the shops at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver - nice use of color - once again taken on the Blackberry - also had to try and mitigate a reflection in the window of passing cars on the Street.

Another place that is nicely lit up is the Plaza at the Sheraton Wall Center but in the day time the display wasn't very bright - will attempt it at a later date with the point and shoot.

Speaking of cameras one of the things on the Santa Wish list is a proper DSLR Camera - I was pleased to fine out that my old lens from an old Pentax base might work on the newer DSLR models - am going to wait until as close to Xmas or possibility Boxing Day and see what is available.



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