Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Remembrance Day Nov 11, 2009

Remembrance Day was a special day for me while I was growing up - while my father was unable to serve in the military during the war because of health issues he was able to join the militia after the war and spent many years in a Service Corp - he also in later years became the Chief Bar Steward at one of the messes and I often spent Remembrance helping him and my mother sling the liquor to all of the thirsty vets.

After his passing I remained active in the Army Navy and Air Force Veterans Club 100 on Kingsway in Vancouver and would join some of my friends and my mother there for a great fun filled day of memories and songs.

After Mom's passing and my move downtown I hadn't been back to the club for several years.

Today after watching both the National Service from Ottawa and the local service on TV I headed up to the club where some friends and their family we also there.

The club provides some free Chili and Baron Of Beef sandwiches as well as some free beer.

The Pipe band from one of the other Legions was playing when I arrived so I snapped these images with my Blackberry.

We also had three members of the Canadian forces who have served a stint in Afghanistan come to the club and I had a chance to talk to them. While they are reservists they still are playing a major role in that part of the world.

It was a very interesting afternoon.

Tomorrow if the weather is okay I hope to get out on the bike and get some serious exercise as the long range forecast is WET, WET, WET !!!! for the next week.



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