Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A morning of lab tests and signs that Santa is coming Monday November 9, 2009

I spend the better part of Monday morning at a medical lab taking a complete glucose test for diabetes - my level has been on the edge for a number of years and the doctor at the walk in clinic felt it was time to take a more detailed exam - it required an overnight fast - normal for some tests but what I wasn't aware of was the need to stay at the lab for two hours.

After puncturing my arm and drawing a blood sample I am then given a orange flavor drink laced with glucose and given five minutes to drink in the waiting room - done and then its wait for the urine need to become pressing and fill the sample jar - with the outbreak of the flu all of the reading materials have been removed - this is where if I knew I would have to wait I would have brought a book from home to read - well finally the wait is over and it's time for the second blood sample - then it was off to Tim Horton's for breakfast.

Later in the day I headed off to the gym and was reminded that Christmas must be coming because the annual Lights of Hope campaign at St Paul's is getting underway - check it out here at www.helpstpauls.com - St Paul's is where I was born and is still my favorite hospital being only three blocks from my condo.

Images are from my Blackberry on a cloudy and wet afternoon so the quality isn't all that great.

If it stops raining for a little while today I might head out for a short ride along False Creek - want to see if the section of the route by the Olympic Village is still opened - it is due to be close for games preparations this month - also want to check out what the detour route will be.



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