Saturday, November 1, 2008

This posting is coming to you from New York City - mid - Manhattan to be more precise - arrived yesterday afternoon - got checked in to my room at the Vanderbilt Y and then headed out for some of my planned sightseeing - first stop was Grand Central Station where I had supper and the onto Rockefeller Square and then Times Square - as it was Halloween there are lots of crazies on the street - one thing that also occurred as it was the last Friday of the month was the Critical Mass bike ride through Manhattan and Times Square - the only difference between this one and Vancouver's is that here they obey the rules of the road and stop for traffic lights etc.

Then it was off to bed for a big day was planned tomorrow.

Now for today's events - well the best laid plans sometimes don't go as hoped - while eating breakfast one of my crowns in my fine dental display came loose while eating a bagel sandwich at McDonald's - as tomorrow is cruise day I want to try and get it fixed - fortunately I was able to save the tooth - asking at the desk didn't give me much hope as it is a Saturday in a downtown core - because it is still early I buy my one day pass for the bus and subways - $7.50 for unlimited local travel and get on the # 4 run up to Central Park mid-point - spend about an hour walking up the east side of the Park and then cross over to the other side and start heading down the West Side before heading over to Broadway in the hopes of finding a dental office in a more residential neighbourhood - did succeed in finding one but they were swamped and couldn't take me if I wanted - did suggest another place and while the neon sign said Open today the security guy says that they are definitely closed on weekends - I then grab the Subway #A and take it down to the Staten Island ferry which I take over and come right back - you get some great views of the Statute of Liberty - the Manhattan and New Jersey skylines - it is now one o'clock and I still haven't had lunch so I walk from the Ferry terminal to the South St seaport where I have lunch and try to connect to the free wi-fi there but couldn't get my settings to work - I have free Internet at the Y but for some reason it won't load certain URL's including Telus and Cruise critic.

After a lunch - yes I can still eat even with the extra space in the upper part of my mouth - I head for the Brooklyn Bridge which is a short distance away and start the walk across the bridge - it is very busy for the first half and most people are coming over from the other side which is considered the better way to walk the Bridge - you get the views coming at you rather than having to turn around - the weather is sunny with filtered sun so quite pleasant for the walk - taking lots of photos and video - after completing the walk I take the Subway train back to Grand Central station and walk the short distance back to the Y - I am tired and hot from all the running around and after spending a little time chilling out I head out to look for a place to have supper and to my surprise I see a walk in dental clinic that appears opened - I step in and explain my dilemma - they can take me so I quickly return to the Y and retrieve the tooth and within an hour it has been re cemented in place for only $75.00US - nothing hard to eat for a couple of hours - find a pizza and pasta place and have a bowl fill of spaghetti and the return back to the Y for the evening - still have some repacking to do but other than not being able to post to Cruise Critic am pretty much ready for the cruise tomorrow - one thing for tomorrow is whether to take a bus to the cruise ship terminal or taxi - the NYC Marathon is on tomorrow and while it doesn't come into this part of town it could cause some traffic problems in other areas of the city.



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