Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In just over an hour I will be boarding the bus and the trip down I-5 to Seattle to board the train.

Jim - bless his kind soul - is giving up a hour of his sleep to drive me to the train station - it's on his way to work so it isn't taking him out of his way - will grab a quick bite to eat at the Station since we don't get any stops for food etc on the way down - have packed some Pringles to help with the hunger pains - if I have enough time before boarding the train I will pick up some beer to drink on the train in my sleeper.

As for luggage - it my big new suitcase which is about 3/4ths fill - all the clothes needed for the cruise -I will have it send through on the train to NYC - a smaller overnight bag with clothes I need while on the train and a small day pack which will come in handy in the ports etc which has my cameras, laptop and other toys and there attachments.

More later


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