Thursday, October 2, 2008

Got lots to talk about but only the point form details will be listed.

Weather has turned from summery to autumn like.

The work party situation seems to be in a constant state of flux - one minute I have enough - the next minute there are some more cancellations - I will be participating myself - will be heading over on the 12:45 ferry and have supper at the lodge on Friday night.

Attended my three hours training session for my deputy returning officer job on Oct 14, 2008.

Watch parts of both the US and Canadian leaders debates.

Dropped into the Y and made my annual contribution and also picked up two tickets for the football game on Oct 10 against Edmonton.

Met my new Y connections match - Peng - he will be joining me a the football game.

Stopped in at the Langara Y and picked up my new permanent honorary life membership card - the Y has finally joined the Class computer data base program - this will allow me to just scan my card at any Y in Canada that is on the program and have the card instantly accepted.

Will have to vote in the advance poll for the provincial by-election.

Will also miss Rosie's 80th birthday party in November because of the cruise.

Need to start planning Larry's 60 birthday party in Dec.

Will vote on Monday in the advance poll for the federal election as it is recommended that you not vote on election day if you are a DRO.


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