Sunday, September 28, 2008

Woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning here in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in Kelowna.

Yesterday was a good day - got up early and headed for the Myra trestles on the Kettle Valley rail trail - you might remember that many of the 18 odd trestles were burned or damaged in the 2003 fire that ravaged the area. Well they have finally been rebuilt and reopened to the public - I have cycled the 12 km of this mostly flat trail prior to the fire so wanted to return to see how the repair job was - they have done a magnificent job - well worth the time and money it took - the have also added info signs.

After having lunch I finally caught up with JIm and some of the others before heading out for a drive out Lakeshore Drive to the trail head for OK Mountain Park - on the way there I stopped at Cedar Creek Park where I meet up with Mark and Irwin from Calgary and advise them that it is 5PM meet at Jim's room for dinner instructions.

Jim has been working on finding us a place to eat - our first choice was a place called Cattle Country steak and seafood but they appear to no longer be in business - next it was Moxie's but they are too busy to take our large group. We get reservations at Milestones for 6:45PM which is located across the street from the hotel in the Orchard Park Mall - after a brief wait we are seated - I ordered a half chicken dinner with garlic potatoes and seasonal veggies - we are finished by 8:30PM and then head back to the hotel where a pool party will take place but first watch the finish of the BC Lions game and catch some scores on the Canucks game as well.

Been a few years since I was in a swimming pool - it is a smaller one - only 6' deep - so I enjoyed a couple of short wades and the into the hot tub before returning to my room.

Some of the younger ones are heading downtown to a caberet - will hear about that later today.

Today's plans include a possible bike ride along the Mission Creek greenway or a walk along the Lakeshore before heading back over the now toll free Coquihalla highway - I may stop at Kentucky-Allenye Park - the colors through there were nice on the way up and then when I get back it's hitting the phone to try and rescue the FOYP work party weekend - need to find 5 -7 bodies between now and Wednesday - sent out an SOS email to the President this morning seeking help in finding bodies. Looks like I will have to journey over myself but probably won't take the truck - it's just too expensive with the ferry fares to go over just for that reason and since I just spent a little cash this weekend and with the cruise upcoming up.

More later


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