Friday, September 26, 2008

Posting tonight from Kelowna BC - I find out after I get here that the government just took the tolls off of the Coquihalla highway about an hour after I paid the $10.00 toll - well at least I can say that I was one of the last persons to pay the toll. I actually have never minded the toll - it is a faster and shorter route to the coast and if you didn't want to pay the toll you could always take the slower Fraser Canyon or Hope-Princeton routes.

I do wonder what will happen to the workers and what effect removing the tolls might have on the struggling Fraser Canyon communities - the Coquihalla has become the defacto Trans-Canada highway - Merritt has definately seen a boom - there is now a Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire and Boston Pizza in the country music town.

Staying at the Sandman hotel - Jim has booked 5 rooms for the bunch of us - check in was a breeze but it took me a while to get the internet up and running - they aren't using wireless but a cable feed - the cable was missing and I didn't think to bring my mine but the front desk finally found one and that took care of that.

FOYP's is turning out to be a real hassle - lost another participant today - need to find 6 people quickly - looks like I might need to attend myself.

Got my first payment from Elections Canada for the work done last week.

I will attend a training session next week to prepare me for being a DRO on election day - elections day starts at 6:00AM to at least 8:00PM - I will vote at an advance poll next week

I expect once the gang arrives around 10PM tonight things will get lively.

Tomorrow I hope to get out on the bike and do the Myra canyon section of the the TCT - KVR - did this part before the forest fires in 2003 that wiped out a number of tressles - they have been rebuilt and reopened earlier this summer.

The beer is starting to taste pretty good so if the typing gets a little bad you will know why.

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