Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Didn't do a lot today - biked down to Stanley Park - hit some of the trails and then into McDonald's for lunch.

Also finally brought up the last of the camping equipment from the truck and put it in the storage locker.

Finally got around to booking some excursions for the upcoming cruise.

Stopped by the clinic to see about a note so that I can process my physio claim but I need to see a doctor and get a new note and there was a 45 minute wait so I will go earlier in the day when it isn't so busy.

Jim has finally gotten the hotel details for this weekend set so I know that I can head up on Friday - hope that there is no snow on the road.

Suppose to rain the next couple of days so might just stay inside and relax and do nothing.

Don't expect any work from Elections Canada this week - probably will get some calls for training for the advance polls etc next week.

Still wrestling with getting the last five people for the work party - will get serious on phone calls tomorrow.

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