Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weekly update

Spend the weekend over at Yellowpoint Lodge doing some volunteer work with the Friends of YellowPoint - as work party co-ordinator I am responsible for trying to find 14 bodies 4 times a year for these work efforts - this one was a little tougher than it should have been - 4 people canceled 2 days before the event so I had to scramble to try and fill the quota - didn't quite make it so went over myself - had a good work crew - we cut some kindling - cleared some brush - put up some new trail sign posts - burnt some debris - drank some liquor and danced the night away.

Had the new Coastal Inspiration ferry both ways as I took the Tsawassen - Duke Point route as I had a passenger and that route was easier for the passenger - ouch have the ferry fares gotten high - $75.00 each way for the two of us.

Spend Monday late afternoon helping one of Jim's roommates get her student visa renewed at the border - it took a while and since she had been the country for a while they almost didn't renew her.

Wednesday I going to take Larry for his weekly lunch but he has already spent his comfort money on cigs and sushi so he didn't have any money for his Chinese meal - while I don't mind paying for him once a month lately he has been getting staff to take him out more frequently thus depleting this allowance that much faster.

Today I intend to get out on the bike for a short ride and then possibily to metro-town for lunch and some shopping - looking for some cruise shirts and shorts as the current ones are starting to show there age.

Tomorrow I will be going to the BC Lions game with my Y Connections match except that he hasn't returned my email to arrange for the ticket pick up.

More later


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