Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vancouver Volunteer Corp assignement to the Vancouver Sun Fun run April 25, 2014

This past Sunday I did my first volunteer assignment as a member of the City of Vancouver Volunteer corps - we act as ambassador's for some of the major events held in the city. This assignment was the Vancouver Sun Fun Run and this is me with me waterproof vest at the south on ramp to the Cambie Bridge - we are in small teams of 4 or 5 - we stay together as a group and one person has a radio who liaisons with our group captain who is a member of the Vancouver Fire Department.
The day went reasonably well and the rain held off for the most part - we have one medical situation that we spotted and alerted the medics to and we got a report of a lost child who was found before we had completed getting all the details.

At the end we do a debriefing. Next assignment is expected to be Canada Day but I am already volunteering for that so will pass it up. They want us to do 2 assignments per year minimum - we likely do either Celebration of Light or Pride Parade next.


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