Saturday, July 28, 2012

Am I crazy

Am I crazy - well you be the judge - just booked another cruise - albeit only a five dayer from Vancouver to LA leaving Vancouver on Sept 22,2012 - I had looked at this cruise aboard the Norwegian Jewel earlier but ruled it out because I won't get back to Vancouver until early morning Sept 29, 2012 - the day after my 65th birthday and a planned celebration - fortunately for me my chief organizer isn't the most organized guy and while we discussed dates and venues nothing has been booked - also need to remember that my God son's parents leave on a 35 day Tahiti cruise on the 30th so that further limits the dates available.

So fast forward to this week and I get an email from my cruising friend - cruise more often - Adele and Cliff from the SF Bay area advising me that they are coming to Vancouver pre-cruise - well it turns out there cruise is the aforementioned NCL Jewel 5 dayer and they would like to get together for a dinner the night before.

So I said to myself - why not sail with them - a quick check on pricing and Amtrak for the trip home as I don't fly and letting my chief organizer know of my desire to cruise and I took the plunge and will now be cruising. It will be my birthday treat to myself.

I now have 75 days at sea book between now and Oct 2013!



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