Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things are moving along

I am starting to get some things off the bucket list for the big trip - the hotel in Fort Lauderdale is booked and now that Amtrak dates have opened up I will be booking the rail to the Port of embarkation.

Recieved some travel info on FLL so now I have a better idea of where everything - the hotel is only about 1/2 mile to the port entrance but depending on just which berth we sail from I will either be able to walk to the ship or take a short cab ride.

The hotel is close to restaurants and grocery stores etc. It doesn't appear to be that far to the downtown core and the 17th St entertainment district - I have one full day in FLL - they have a low cost public shuttle bus that I will likely use to get around - there is also a water taxi service linking some of the sites as well but it appears to be $12.00 for a day pass vs $2.00 for the shuttle.

As for the trip itself - I have been finding and bookmarking many sites on the ports that I will be visiting and when on the big computer have been printing off some info.

Did book my first excursions - one of the cruisers has a short 3.5 hour private tour booked in Fortuleza -  our first Brazilian stop so I have opted for it at this time.


On the home front my next volunteer assignment is the Celtic Fest held in conjunction with St Patrick day - my orientation training will be Saturday -  I will have a number of different jobs to do - being an office runner - helping with the setup of the Celtic village and finally on the Sunday the big parade - the nice thing about this assignment - it all happens within blocks of my condo so little or no travel is needed.



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