Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Royal Visitor at the Whistler Athlete's Village March 20, 2010

We were blessed with a visit by Prince Edward - the Earl of Wessex today at the athlete's village - he first stopped at the truce wall - which I missed - and then headed for the Athlete's Lounge and Gym which he toured - this is were I was first able to catch a glimpse of him - security was light and there were no restrictions on taking photos - while the visit was official there was little in the way of pomp and ceremony - no red coated Mountains and except for the Mayor of Whistler few politicans - he then proceeded across the road to the #2 Workforce dining hall where about 150 lucky volunteers were able to have luch with him - reports indicate that he refused to sit at a head table and instead join a table of volunteers for lunch - same menu as the rest of us had today - soup, salad, tuna melt sandwich, hash browns and a chef's special which was a type of stew - sorry can't comment on the meal as I choose to do the Big Mac routine.

After about 45 minutes of singing and talking to the volunteers it was time to loeave and here he is walking with the Mayor - right blue jacket - one of the Paralympic Village mayors and some aide or something in the green dress.

Strolling to his motorcade which consisted of all of three cars

Final goodbyes and he did wave to those of us who had gathered to see him off - when ask where his wife was he retorted - at work - someone has to pay the bills
Off to a meeting more later.

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