Sunday, March 14, 2010

A golden moment March 14, 2010

Much like the Canadians celebrating the winning of their first goal medal on home soil in the Olympics - the people of Slovakia are waking up to news that one of there athlete's has won that country's first Winter Paralympic Gold medal touching off a few hoots and hollers around our office in the Village.

Jakub Krako won the Gold in Alpine Skiing - Men's Slalom - Visually Impaired by more than a second over the second place finisher.

The delegation was even more happy to have a fourth and a fifth place finish as well. They missed the bronze by less than .06 of a second.

While Jakub wasn't the favorite to win the medal obviously the delegation is extremely pleased with the results today.


Finally starting to get a few things done - gassing up the vehicles - escorting the delegation to the events and now that we have a pass we will also have access to the VIP section at certain venues.


Starting to snow hard again this evening - actually we don't need snow - there is plenty on the ground at the venues - sunshine or at least cloudy and no fog is what is most needed.


Hard to believe that in one week there will be the closing ceremonies and then clean up and the experience of a life time will be over and it will be back to the usual comfort zone.


Did spend some time in Whistler Village the other night - nicely lit up - checked out the medals presentation area and while they were rehearsing one of the segments all of a sudden there was the sound of a very familiar song being played - YMCA - and those outside were dancing to the words of the song.


Hoping to take Wednesday off for my final rest day before the Games end - this could change if the delegation gets busy with multiple requests etc.

More later

Cheers from Whistler



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